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Mastercard’s sweet 16: Smart ‘cities’ set up new urban knowledge exchange

November 14, 2018 / ANASIA D'MELLO

Miguel Gamiño, former chief technology officer of New York City, now  executive vice president for global cities at Mastercard, said: “By bringing together city leaders from across the globe, City Possible promotes the sharing of ideas and best practices – aimed at advancing more connected and inclusive urban communities. What unites all our public, private and academic partners is their commitment to make technology work for all people, and finding scalable solutions for universal needs.” The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University (TECH) will host a series of events with Mastercard as a “regular learning exchange” for city leaders. The first meeting between them is taking place this week at Smart City Expo in Barcelona, in Spain. The focus will be on urban planning, mobility services and data insights. City Possible will establish a social media and sharing platform for members, too. David Ricketts, professor and fellow a...