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Microsoft’s IoT Signals report shows strong adoption and ROI possibilities – but the skills issue remains

August 01, 2019 / IoT News

IoT adoption is growing in a brisk manner according to Microsoft – yet the industry faces significant skill gaps, alongside complexity and security challenges.The findings appear in Microsoft’s latest report, IoT Signals, designed to give a global overview of the IoT landscape. The company surveyed over 3,000 IoT decision-makers to give the industry a holistic, market-level view of the IoT ecosystem.According to the respondents, two years from now 30% of their company’s revenue will come from IoT. 85% of respondents are in IoT adoption, and three quarters of these have IoT projects in the planning stage. Among the adopters, 88% believe IoT is critical to business. While almost all IoT adopters – 97% – have security concerns when implementing IoT, this has not hindered the adoption.