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Most Americans Track Health Data on IoT Devices, Says Survey

July 02, 2019 / Aliza Vigderman

Only a little of a third of Americans do not track or record health data with devices connected to the Internet, according to a recent survey from nCipher Security. The majority of Americans track their health data with IoT devices, which breaks down into the following methods. However, Americans are more concerned about their financial information being hacked over their health data, as stated by the nCipher survey. 42% of the survey’s respondents said that they are most concerned about their financial information being hacked, while only 14% said their healthcare data was their greatest hacking concern. In the same vein, 46% of the group felt most vulnerable sharing their credit card or social security numbers over the phone, while only 16% felt most vulnerable while downloading health records or using an IoT medical device.