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Neeyamo Joins Velocity Network Foundation to Fuel Its Blockchain-Enabled Internet of Careers® Initiative

January 20, 2021 / Rukhsar Dhotekar

Neeyamo, a global leader in offering platform-based HRO services, is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Velocity Network Foundation, to build a globally accessible, reliable Internet of Careers®. Through this partnership, Neeyamo would help drive Velocity Network Foundation's mission to leverage blockchain technology to develop a global career credentials platform.

Talent acquisition demands organizations to verify several credentials, including employment history and educational qualifications. Despite the global background screening industry witnessing the advent of modern technologies, organizations are wrestling with exchanging and verifying data.

Velocity Network Foundation aims to transform how career records are shared globally and promote the adoption of a trusted network for verified career credentials. This ingenious concept - Internet of Careers® would enable members across HR and Ed-tech, employment marketplaces, background and credential services, and several other organizations to issue, share and verify career credentials, and build an ecosystem of innovative applications.

As a trusted background screening solution provider, Neeyamo, in collaboration with several industry leader members, will help accelerate the establishment of Velocity Network Foundation's blockchain-powered, universal network. Neeyamo sees this as an opportunity to drive blockchain's adoption across the global HR arena.