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New tool makes it easier to secure IoT devices

February 04, 2019 / ANASIA D'MELLO

Internet of Things devices are appearing in more and more companies, but with them comes the threat of cyberattacks. To reduce this risk Extreme Networks is launching a simple security solution to help organizations protect unsecured IoT devices. Called Defender for IoT it can be deployed on any network and is easy for even non-technical staff at schools, hospitals, retailers and hospitality venues to use to isolate and protect both wired and wireless IoT devices from cyberattacks. Most IoT devices lack embedded security as they were built to run on private networks where the assumption was it was tightly controlled, and device-level security wasn’t required. Using Defender as part of Extreme's Smart OmniEdge product, the application learns the typical traffic patterns of network devices, and dynamically generates a security policy that locks down what a device communicates with and how it can communicate, thus automating edge network security for the enterprise.