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Nutanix Eases Development of IoT Apps

May 10, 2019 / FRANK OHLHORST

Nutanix, a vendor of hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, has released a new developer environment that allows developers to try and test IoT and AI apps in the cloud. Starting May 7, developers can sign up for a free 10-day trial of this experience. The developer environment is built under Nutanix’s Xi IoT Platform and gives developers access to a rapid development environment for creating internet of things and artificial intelligence apps in the cloud. The Rapid Development Environment for IoT includes features such as Xi IoT Cloud Instance, Xi IoT Sensor App and Xi IoT App Library and supports the ability to easily deploy IoT software in the cloud or at the edge, according to the company. The environment has been tuned specifically for IoT and AI, eliminating many of the configuration chores developers had to perform using other cloud-based development environments, and enables single-click deployment via a management console.