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Nyansa’s Voyance expands to the IoT

April 15, 2019 / Jon Gold

Nyansa announced today that their flagship Voyance product can now apply its AI-based secret sauce to IoT devices, over and above the networking equipment and IT endpoints it could already manage. Voyance – a network management product that leverages AI to automate the discovery of devices on the network and identify unusual behavior – has been around for two years now, and Nyansa says that it’s being used to observe a total of 25 million client devices operating across roughly 200 customer networks. It’s a software-only product (available either via public SaaS or private cloud) that works by scanning a customer’s network and identifying every device attached to it, then establishing a behavioral baseline that will let it flag suspicious actions (e.g., sending a lot more data than other devices of its kind, connecting to unusual servers) and even perform automated root-cause analysis of network issues.