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Optus Wholesale appointed exclusive Australian network partner for Transatel

December 04, 2018 / ANASIA D'MELLO

Optus Wholesale has been appointed as the exclusive Australian network partner for Transatel, one of Europe’s mobile virtual network enablers, currently expanding global network coverage to support their Internet of Things (IoT) offerings. Under the three-year agreement, Transatel will leverage the Optus mobile network to deliver an inbound data roaming solution for their customers’ end users in Australia. Transatel provides a network-agnostic access for a variety of connected devices, including laptops and tablets through to cars, trucks and industrial machinery. Enabled by agreements between Transatel and regional providers,end users can connect to cellular networks at local rates across more than 140 global destinations. The agreement is the first of its kind from Optus Wholesale. It represents a major step forward in the evolution of Optus Wholesale IoT product suite, helping organisations unlock the value of networks in today’s connected and global economies.