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Penn State students say they can improve IoT device security through combined techniques

October 14, 2019 / By IoT News

A team of students at the Penn State World Campus say they have developed a multi-pronged data analysis approach capable of averting cyberattacks in IoT devices, such as smart TVs, home video cameras, and baby monitors. One of the students in the team said that more than 20 billion IoT devices would be in operation by 2020 and these devices will be an easy prey to hackers and cyberattackers, as there is no strategy in existence to detect a network security attack. In order to solve the problem, the team applied a combination of approaches mostly used in traditional network security management to an IoT network simulated by Australia’s UNSW Canberra. They demonstrated how statistical data, machine learning, and other data analysis methods could be applied to enhance security of IoT systems across their lifecycle.