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Polte Announces US Commercial Beta Launch of Mobile IoT Location Platform

May 13, 2019 / IoT.Business.News

Strategic Partner Program gives a head start for IoT innovators creating the future of the next billion connected things. Polte Corporation today announced the commercial beta launch of its Mobile IoT location platform, allowing enterprises and developers of IoT solutions early access to the best cellular-based location solution. Polte’s Strategic Partner Program (SPP) allows early adopters to get a head start on integrating C-LoC into their products and solutions. SPP members will have access to Polte-enabled Mobile IoT devices, direct engineering support, plus the Polte Cloud API. Polte will work hands-on with SPP members during their development and deployment phases to take full advantage of how C-LoC can improve their supply chain management, loss reduction, pallet tracking, spoilage prevention and many more use cases.