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Ponce Utilizes ORBCOMM’s Satellite IoT Technology to Enable Efficient Agricultural Irrigation

November 20, 2020 / Rukhsar Dhotekar

ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: ORBC), a worldwide supplier of Internet of Things (IoT) arrangements, today declared that Ponce, an Argentinian IoT organization having some expertise in horticultural effectiveness, is helping ranchers all through Latin America increase considerable cost reserve funds and safeguard water through its water system arrangements that use ORBCOMM's satellite IoT innovation.

Ponce's answer is controlled by ORBCOMM's dependable, worldwide satellite availability and associated with an ORBCOMM modem for constant checking and the board of water system hardware situated in far off locales where cell inclusion is inaccessible or questionable. Ponce's serious framework joins early location of machine disappointment with exact harvest water system information to assist ranchers with computerizing manual cycles to review hardware, recognize flawed apparatus and direct support. The gadget reports machine position, water weight, anomalies and other basic boundaries, for example, long stretches of utilization, water use, water stream and precipitation estimation. The data is communicated through satellite to Ponce's information cloud, which sends cautions and reports to ranchers' cell phones continuously, empowering quicker, more educated business choices about ideal water system plans, upkeep exercises just as the development and position of water system gear.

Ponce works with a portion of the main rural producers in Latin America, which report that the water system arrangement has helped them address basic difficulties to their cultivating tasks. One of Ponce's clients, La Guía, which has more than 2,000 hectares of land upheld by 19 water system machines, spares an expected 90 hours of water squander every year, an extensive natural and cost reserve funds. By actualizing Ponce's answer, La Guía's group gets notices of variations from the norm that require further assessment promptly on their telephone, diminishing field visits, lessening working hours designated to examinations and limiting human blunder in the activity of the hardware, prompting a normal of half fuel investment funds and considerably less vehicle mileage and carbon discharges in the climate.

“ORBCOMM’s reliable satellite connectivity is critical to the success of Ponce’s sophisticated solution, which has revolutionized irrigation operations for farmers, while helping reduce the environmental impact of farming and preserve water, both of which are integral to our corporate social responsibility mission,” said Christian Allred, ORBCOMM’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Global Sales. “We’re pleased to help Ponce enable farmers throughout Latin America achieve substantial savings in production costs, driven by improved equipment uptime, limited crop destruction and lower operational costs.”

“Thanks to Ponce’s solution, we have achieved significant efficiency in water usage and equipment failure responsiveness,” said Francisco Lodos, La Guía’s General Manager. “In the past, when a machine failed, we might not find out for hours, but now, Ponce’s system informs us immediately. Even better, if we don’t respond to the notification right away, we get a phone call to follow up and ensure the failure is resolved quickly, saving us substantial costs and helping protect our most crucial resource, which is water.”