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Qualcomm accelerating IoT digital transformation

November 24, 2020 / Rukhsar Dhotekar

Jeff Lorbeck, Qualcomm Senior Vice President and General Manager of IoT facilitated an examiner instructions called, Accelerating Digital Transformation through IoT. You might be amazed how the Internet of Things is another sizeable development open door for both the organization and truth be told the whole business. How about we investigate.

IoT isn't your commonplace Qualcomm story. Commonly, they work with cell phone, tablet and handset creators and remote organizations, universally. This is a moderately more modest gathering of bigger clients and they have an involved acquaintance with every one of them.

IoT is the unique. There are in excess of 13,000 huge IoT clients universally.

In this way, as opposed to managing a more modest gathering of bigger clients, IoT implies Qualcomm must arrangement with a tremendous and ever-developing number of clients. That implies similar remote organizations and handset producers, in addition to governments, undertakings and end clients, around the world.

That implies Qualcomm must grow better approaches for dealing with their business. This is one test they should fold their arms over, and from what I see up until now, they appear to do that well.

Tidal waves of IoT expansion opportunities

Qualcomm says there are tidal waves of IoT expansion that will impact all aspects of our lives. In fact, by the year 2023 over 43 billion IoT connected devices will be all around us.

IoT is a highly fragmented and distributed challenge. It requires many companies to work together. There needs to be an ecosystem of partnering companies forming a group that works together across global regions.

And there are a growing number of companies working together to share in this growth opportunity.

Three larger groups, traditional IT and software systems, traditional telco and carrier systems, traditional automation and control systems will all work together to bring this enormous IoT opportunity to reality in the next few years.

Qualcomm is in the process of building what they call, a comprehensive ecosystem for the Internet of Things. This means areas like chipset solutions, mobile operators, cloud platform providers and much more.