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Realism sets in as IoT sector matures

February 24, 2019 / Mobile World Live

Companies starting to introduce mobile IoT services are entering the market at an ideal time, as network rollouts have reached a critical mass and the ecosystem is more mature and realistic. These were the key messages expressed during a panel discussion at the GSMA’s Mobile IoT Summit yesterday. Owen Moore, CEO of co-founder of BeWhere, said the good news is it’s not too late to enter, as “a lot of the growing pains you have to go through to launch a network and cooperate with MNOs are now resolved”. Ankur Bhan, Nokia’s global head of Nokia’s Worldwide IoT Network Grid, noted the sector has scaled back some of its ambitious initial projections and is more realistic about the uptake of IoT services. He added there is lot of fragmentation, with many markets like China and US quite advanced, but many others are just getting started.