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Safety improvements becoming key to measuring IoT project success, says IDC

August 13, 2019 / IoT News

While the vast majority of organisations have a budget allocated towards IoT projects, organisations are struggling with skills issues and infrastructure readiness, according to IDC. In its latest seventh annual survey report, titled Global IoT Decision Maker Survey, the analyst firm examined the latest investment trends in the IoT, along with the opportunities and challenges facing IoT buyers across the world. For this survey, IDC surveyed IT and line of business decision makers from 29 countries across six industries. The respondents have already invested or are planning to invest in IoT ventures.Among the surveyed respondents, 85% found to have funds allocated for IoT projects. Though it is believed that business decision makers hold the majority of budget, IT mainly controls the most part of the funding, as the on-going expenses to support IoT projects are significant.