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San Jose Sees Progress in Smart City Initiatives

June 27, 2019 / Brian Buntz

Officials in the city of San Jose have big smart city ambitions. Its smart city vision aims to make the largest city in Silicon Valley “America’s most innovative city by 2020.” Officials unveiled the plan in 2016. In addition, the city’s website details its intent to use technology to make San Jose “the safest big city in America.” Recently officials from San Jose and executives at AT&T announced a collaboration to help cement the city’s status as a tech trailblazer while also helping to address the digital divide. Nearly three out of 10 San Jose residents lacked broadband access at home, according to a 2018 San Jose Inside article. The partnership between AT&T and the city is worth more than a million dollars, according to a joint statement released in May, which outlines the telco’s plan to donate $200,000 to address the digital divide there as well as helping deploy smart city technologies in 14 parks in the city. San Jose&rsqu...