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Sensoneo and Twilio explain how the IoT can fix inefficient city systems

August 08, 2019 / Ryan Daws

Sensoneo took the stage during Twilio’s day two keynote at Signal 2019 to share its experience of using the IoT to fix inefficient legacy city systems.Anas Idriss, Business Development Manager at Sensoneo, was joined by Pallavi Vanacharla, Head of Twilio IoT Product Management, for the presentation.“Smart cities, for us, means cities built on the foundation of data and intelligence rather than guesswork and brute force,” says Pallavi. “Last year at Signal, we introduced the first developer platform for narrowband-IoT in partnership with T-Mobile.”“I’m proud to say, earlier this year, we announced the first commercial deployment of NB-IoT with our customer Sensoneo.”There are few tech conferences where you see a keynote speaker wheel out a waste bin, but that’s exactly what Idriss did. Sensoneo, after all, is known for putting sensors in waste bins to improve the efficiency of collections.