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Seven in 10 companies know of hacks against their IoT devices, research finds

February 21, 2020 / IoT News

The IoT is barreling towards the enterprise – but companies remain highly vulnerable to IoT-based attacks, according to a new report.The study from Extreme Networks, which polled 540 IT professionals across industries in the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions, found that 70% of companies who said they employed IoT devices were fully aware of successful or attempted hacks. 84% of those polled said they employed IoT devices of some subscription, with more than half admitting they do not use additional security measures beyond default passwords. The report also found that nine out of 10 IT professionals are not confident that their network is secured against massive attacks. 55% of respondents believe the main risk of breaches comes mostly from outside the company and over 70 per cent believe they have complete visibility into the devices on the network. 83% of companies in EMEA are now deploying IoT, as compared to 85% in North America, which was an early adopter.