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Shadow IoT Devices Become Growing Risk Factor to Enterprise Security: Zscaler

February 26, 2020 / IoT News

Cloud security company Zscaler stated in its report “IoT Devices in the Enterprise 2020: Shadow IoT Emerges as Security Threat,” that the shift in shadow IoT emerged as a security threat to enterprises’ security posture.As enterprises embraced mobility and always-on connectivity for employees, the lines have blurred between company-owned and privately-owned devices, and between the workplace and the home. Zscaler stated that in many cases enterprise IT teams might not even be aware of some of the devices generating IoT traffic, and this new culture of shadow IoT is creating new IoT-based attack vectors for cybercriminals. Shadow IoT devices are internet connected devices or sensors used inside an organization without the knowledge of the IT team in a company. A shadow IoT device can be any smart device like personal laptops, smartphones, fitness trackers, and smart home gadgets.