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Sigfox cracks open IoT radio protocol specs for world+dog (+badgers?)

February 13, 2019 / Andrew Orlowski

Who at one time hasn't wanted to install a low-power ultra-narrowband radio network in embedded objects all over the neighbourhood? Perhaps you wanted to keep an eye on the local badgers? Well, badgers look out: it's now become easier to do so. Sigfox this week opened up the process of defining objects for its network standard. Despite its low cost and power consumption, Sigfox has been dubbed the "WiMax" of IoT network technologies because NB-IoT has won mainstream adoption in industrial contexts, thanks to the backing of Vodafone. But Sigfox doesn't think the game is over: it envisages the move as broadening the appeal of the technology beyond industrial sensors into more "local or more consumer-oriented use cases" (in its own words).