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Sigfox makes four key IoT announcements during Connect 2019

November 20, 2019 / Ryan Daws

Global IoT network operator Sigfox has made four major announcements during its annual Connect event. Ludovic Le Moan, CEO and co-founder of Sigfox, opened Connect 2019 in Singapore this morning and unveiled the following announcements during his keynote. The first major announcement is Sigfox’s launch of a Private Area Network (PAN) to offer businesses a choice between a private or global service dependent on their needs. The service will first launch in France during Q1 2020 but Sigfox plans for it to be deployed across the more than 65 countries it operates. Sigfox says it will have more than 15 million registered objects globally by the end of 2019, with more than 1,500 customers using their solutions across various industries.