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Sigfox opens radio specifications to capture new IoT markets and use cases

February 14, 2019 / James Blackman

Sigfox has publicly released the specifications of its radio protocol for connected objects. The company said it expects a “boom” in the number of objects, including consumer devices, connecting to its network as a result. The release of its radio specifications means any manufacturer, developer, and engineer can now build and register products on the Sigfox network. The move applies to connected objects, rather than Sigfox’s patent-protected base stations and infrastructure, it said. Until now, the specification was only shared under NDA upon request, in order for the French IoT firm to control the number of objects applying to connect to its network. Christophe Fourtet, co-founder of Sigfox, commented: “The opening of the specification has always been part of Sigfox’s ambition and we’re excited for the thousands of new use cases that will emerge. Our partners all over the world are looking forward to being part of this development.”