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Sony's first IoT chip brings a 60+ mile range, can transmit from fast-moving vehicles

June 02, 2019 / Isaiah Mayersen

Forward-looking: IoT devices have penetrated our homes with startling success, yet now they face a new challenge: making it in the big scary outdoors, where threats like power and motion have kept companies back. No more, says Sony, who announced their first chip supported by their Eltres LPWA (low-power wide area) network last week. IoT has taken off with the help of existing Wi-Fi and LTE networks, yet those both come with significant compromises. Wi-Fi has a short range and suffers from signal interference if too many devices are connected, while LTE is expensive and requires a SIM. Both have a high-power drain. If we truly want everything connected to the internet, then we require affordable long-range networks that work in moving vehicles and can handle high interference, à la low-power long range.