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Stellar-Based IoT App Nodle Joins Tokenized Connectivity Race

March 03, 2020 / Brady Dale

“The Nodle Cash app for iOS has been in development for the last six months,” Nodle CEO Micha Benoliel told CoinDesk. “We believe Nodle is truly for everyone.” The app is already live on Android.
The company claims to process one million micropayments daily on average, giving a very high transaction volume for its NODLE token. While the app delivers on one of the promises of the decentralized web, the prospect of users getting paid for providing data or services, the token itself isn’t listed on any exchanges yet. Users can trade NODLE peer-to-peer but recouping any value for them isn't yet feasible. "We believe the value of the coin will be directly supported by the demand for the network and its services. The only way to get Nodle Cash today is to generate it on your phone," Benoliel said. By adding iOS, the company believes it can vastly increase its user base.