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Technologies that will make IOT mainstream

May 29, 2019 / Abhijit Ahaskar

While there is no denying that the Internet of Things (IOT) is going to completely change the way we interact with objects around us be it changing colour of a light bulb to preparing coffee, or driving a car to taking print out at workplace the technology is still a work in a progress with several missing pieces. Here are some of the technologies that are likely to fill in those gaps. Most IOT devices currently rely on WiFi networks for connectivity and to pair to other devices on the network. However, there are many devices that do not have access to WiFi all the time. Many of these devices are currently powered by SIM (subscriber identity module) technology which offers a more extensive coverage than WiFi. However, shipping a separate SIM into every unit of the device is turning out to be logistic issue. That is where eSIM or embedded SIM presents a smarter alternative.