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Telstra connects three million IoT devices

September 04, 2019 / Stephen Withers

Telstra Global IoT solutions executive Gerhard Loots said Telstra had built the largest IoT network in the country."From vehicles to machines, infrastructure, smart meters, buildings, and much more, the benefits we can realise from a connected world are now real and attainable," he said."The number of IoT devices being connected each day is increasing at a great rate. Connected vehicles are an exciting product of IoT, but we are also seeing solar panels, humidity sensors, traffic cones, buses, whitegoods and garbage trucks connect to our network, and deliver insights that previously weren’t possible." Telstra's NB-IoT network (suitable for applications such as asset tracking) covers approximately 3.5 million square kilometres, while the Cat M1 network (for applications such as utility metering and agricultural monitoring) has a slightly smaller footprint of around 3 million square kilometres.