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Terbine opens first nationwide system of public agency IoT data

November 06, 2018 / ANASIA D'MELLO

Terbine announced at the ITS America Executive Forum that it has successfully characterised and indexed open-source IoT data feeds from public agencies across the country, and made the feeds discoverable via a single, standardised interface. For users, the system dramatically speeds up the process of locating machine-generated data feeds, which are particularly valuable in AI-based applications. Terbine is entering into pilots and use-cases with insurers, hedge funds and other financial services organisations, AI developers seeking “training data,” and various industry groups including the Intelligent Transportation Society of America. Terbine’s offering will dramatically speed up the process of locating and accessing IoT feeds in areas such as characterising flows of vehicles and pedestrians, power generation and usage, air quality monitoring, microclimate data, and many others.