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Thales, Telstra, Microsoft and Arduino Deliver Scalable Trust for Easy-to-deploy IoT Applications

March 16, 2020 / IoT Business News

Thales, Telstra, Microsoft and Arduino have implemented the GSMA IoT SAFE solution to address the IoT devices market fragmentation and enable robust and effective IoT Security at scale.
Mobile operators, IoT service providers and device makers will benefit from a one-stop-shop solution that dramatically simplifies the deployment of connected and secure IoT devices. The solution establishes end-to-end, chip-to-cloud security for IoT products and services, guaranteeing data integrity and confidentiality, as per GSMA IoT Safe Security Guidelines. Thales and Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications company are working with Microsoft and Arduino to pave the way for scalable security for connected IoT devices, by implementing a solution that enables trusted and secure end-to-end communication between device and cloud.