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This aggressive IoT malware is forcing Wi-Fi routers to join its botnet military

November 03, 2019 / Eric Kirk

Tens of countless numbers of Wi-Fi routers are most likely vulnerable to an current form of malware that can take gain of known vulnerabilities to rope these devices into a botnet for the reasons of providing distributed denial of services (DDoS) assault capabilities to cyber criminals. A new variant of Gafgyt malware – which initial emerged in 2014 – targets smaller business and residence routers from effectively-recognized brands, attaining accessibility to the units by way of known vulnerabilities. Now the authors of Gafgyt – also identified as Bashlite – have up-to-date the malware and are directing it at vulnerabilities in 3 wireless router versions. The Huawei HG532 and Realtek RTL81XX ended up qualified by prior variations of Gafgyt, but now it is really also focusing on the Zyxel P660HN-T1A.