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Ursalink Works with Yeastar to Provide an Outdoor Office Communication Solution

February 22, 2019 / Ursalink Technology

As the fast-paced evolution of technology drives a diverse mode of modern businesses, streamlined communication becomes the new sexy in office workflows, especially in outdoor offices set up for short-term contracted projects, such as real estate development, geographical investigation, etc. Thus, the availability of phones and the internet are the cornerstone communications tools for all. However, on temporary sites, cables and wires are not always there. Even if the communication services are available, companies would still try not to invest time and money setting up the fixed lines and broadband, let alone spend hours or days removing what had been deployed. Money and time just easily run away from all that. To best tackle such problems, Ursalink joins hands with Yeastar to offer a cost-efficient and highly-flexible integrated solution for outdoor office communication.