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Verizon and Sequans Unite to Accelerate IoT Device Deployments Within Minutes

February 11, 2020 / Rashmi Singh

  • Verizon certifies Monarch Go devices based on Sequans LTE-M module.

  • Enclosed with an optimized LTE antenna and pre-installed ThingSpace IoT SIM making cellular connectivity seamless for device makers.

  • Verizon is the primary carrier in the world to authenticate this most advanced innovation.

Verizon has introduced Monarch Go and Monarch GPS, two Verizon-certified LTE-M products ideal for companies looking to accelerate commercial deployments of wireless-IoT connected devices. The tech company is the primary carrier in the world to authenticate these Sequans all-in-one modem components.

Monarch Go

The Monarch Go is a comprehensive modem component offering device makers the shortest possible route to market and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) to develop a cellular-IoT connected device. It completely removes the need to design and tune a cellular antenna as it embeds an optimized LTE antenna.

Monarch GPS

The Monarch Go-GPS connected by Verizon is a complete modem component offering device makers the most concise route to market and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) to develop a cellular-IoT connected device. Unlike traditional cellular modules, it is certified by Verizon as a device avoiding costly lab testing while improving time-to-market thanks to a reduced effort for board design. It completely removes the need to design and tune a cellular antenna as it embeds an optimized LTE antenna, saving months of design effort and lab testing. Built on the award-winning Monarch platform that provides the world’s lowest power standby consumption, Monarch Go-GPS comes with a pre-installed ThingSpace IoT SIM and GPS to give device makers the simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective solution for developing IoT devices for operation on Verizon’s network simply plug it in and go.

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Verizon said it is endeavoring Monarch Go and Monarch GPS, based on Sequans Communications' LTE-M module, Monarch GM01Q. The devices are aimed at companies wishing to accelerate commercial deployments of wireless, IoT connected devices. Embedded with an optimized LTE antenna and a pre-installed ThingSpace-enabled IoT SIM, the products are certified by Verizon, offering device makers the shortest possible route to market by eliminating the need for additional lengthy design and testing cycles. Monarch Go and Monarch Go-GPS come with optional Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Bluetooth capabilities. Monarch Go can be activated online instantly. All a customer has to do is simply select a ThingSpace IoT connectivity plan and pay via credit card. The Monarch Go range is available in the US through provider Avnet, with global availability planned for later this year.

Monarch Go is an industry-first, game-changing IoT accelerator that not only significantly reduces time-to-market to the absolute minimum but also removes the risk for our customers by requiring minimal certification. Monarch Go, based on Sequans’ industry-leading Monarch technology, is a powerful solution with key IoT capabilities, including ultra-low power consumption. It just works, and our partners appreciate this tremendously

Brian Mecum, Vice President, Verizon.

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Sequans Communications (SQNS) announced that its Monarch LTE Platform, the world's first LTE Cat M1 chip, has been certified to operate on Verizon's (VZ) 4G LTE network. The certification means that Monarch is authorized to operate on Verizon's LTE Cat M1 network and that devices based on Monarch can benefit from faster certification and time to market. New LTE for IoT devices made by NimbeLink, Link Labs, and Encore Networks, all based on Monarch, have also recently been certified by Verizon.

Cost and time are the two biggest barriers device makers face when deploying next-generation cellular devices to the market. Monarch Go, on Verizon’s LTE network coupled with the ThingSpace IoT platform, allows for easy connection to cloud services from third parties. We believe that this is going to be a game-changer for the industry

Georges Karam, Sequans CEO.

One of the first companies to leverage the capabilities of Monarch Go is Go!Foton, a global optical fiber products manufacturer. It freshly deployed an outdoor fiber terminal with onboard intelligence that adds unparalleled visibility throughout the network, including bi-directional, in-line optical power, port engagement sensing, environmental measurements, operational monitoring, and data transfers to the network manager for notification and alarming.

Monarch Go simplified the integration to Verizon’s network, which allowed us to focus on our area of expertise. In one week we were able to wirelessly enable our new IoT products faster than we ever thought possible—making the OSP network visible.

David Z. Chen, CTO, Go!Foton.

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About Verizon

Verizon Communications Inc. was formed on June 30, 2000, and is celebrating its 20th year as one of the world’s leading providers of communications, information and entertainment products, and services. Headquartered in New York City and with a presence around the world, Verizon generated revenues of $130.9 billion in 2018.  The company offers voice, data, and video services and solutions on its award-winning networks and platforms, delivering on customers’ demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security, and control.

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About Sequans

Sequans Communications S.A. is a leading developer and provider of 5G and 4G chips and modules for IoT devices. For 5G/4G massive IoT applications, Sequans provides a comprehensive product portfolio based on its flagship Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT and Calliope Cat 1 chip platforms, featuring industry-leading low power consumption, a large set of integrated functionalities, and global deployment capability. For 5G/4G broadband and critical IoT applications, Sequans offers a product portfolio based on its Cassiopeia Cat 4/Cat 6 4G and high-end Taurus 5G chip platforms, optimized for low-cost residential, enterprise, and industrial applications. Founded in 2003, Sequans is based in Paris, France with additional offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, and China.