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VMware and InfluxData team up over enterprise and industrial IoT data

February 11, 2019 / Techregister

San Francisco-based tech firm InfluxData has announced that it will be integrating its technology with VMware’s IoT infrastructure management solution — the Pulse IoT Centre, which embeds InfluxData’s InfluxDB Enterprise and Kapacitor.The Pulse IoT Centre is an enterprise-grade IoT device management and monitoring solution, allowing customers to manage, monitor and secure IoT systems and connected devices, whereas InfluxDB Enterprise is the modern open source purpose-built time series database and Kapacitor is the real-time stream processing component of the InfluxData platform, which analyses huge quantities of sensor data in real-time. A solution is created by integrating the two InfluxData solutions with the Pulse IoT Centre, which enhances the ability of organisations to handle the massive amounts of data related with industrial and enterprise IoT workloads.