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What is driving IoT apathy?

February 18, 2020 / Josh Sims

Not all is well. “The problem,” says Andrew Dunbar, “is that ‘internet of things’ is such a broad, almost meaningless term. What’s more, the whole idea of IoT has been massively oversold, more in emphasis than in inaccuracy. It’s all connected underwear and connected bathmats, and that bores people because they can’t see the application.” Dunbar is general manager of digital consultancy Appnovation and just the sort who should be singing the praises of IoT, the prospect of interconnecting computing devices embedded in everyday objects including, yes, your pants. But he thinks the story of the potential utility of IoT has been pushed too hard, with wild-sounding predictions that it will, according to Ericsson, be worth some $619 billion to telecom operators within the next six years, and in a way that misses the point.