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What the internet of things means for democracy

June 07, 2019 / Sandra Vogel

The invention of the printing press opened up ordinary people's access to information and ideas, and provided a forum for public discorse. A hundred years ago, the public was grappling with issues of gender rights and the activities of the suffragist movement, both of which were strewn across newspaper front pages of the day. Today, in the age of Wikileaks and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the battle for human rights has shifted to the digital sphere.The advent of 5G, with its provision of still faster communications, greater proliferation of IoT and more computing at the edge of a network, presents the opportunity for another huge revolution in how data is communicated to and from the public. However, is this revolution likely to enhance democracy or close it down? In the end, it's the data that the internet of things will generate that will at the heart of what role IoT will play in democracy - the technology itself is benign. According to Masamichi Tanaka, IoT tech advise...