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Why 5G, AI and IoT combo will be so powerful for data analytics

February 03, 2020 / Bill Detwiler

Combining 5G, AI, and IoT will help companies collect more data, analyze it more quickly, make more accurate predictions, and rapidly take action. Thanks to its high bandwidth, low latency, and the ability to support higher end-point densities, 5G will allow companies to collect more data, analyze the data more quickly, make better predictions, and rapidly take action. I spoke with Bill Menezes, Sr. Principal Analyst with Gartner, about how 5G will affect data analytics and IoT technology. The following is an edited transcript of our conversation. Bill Detwiler: So Bill, tell me a little bit about how you see 5G affecting IoT technology, maybe, in the near term. Is it going to have much effect at all as we look at maybe one, two years into the future?