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Why autonomous vehicles on farms might impact consumers’ lives more than on the road

October 26, 2018 / Brad Lukac

Consumers are rightfully excited about the eventual introduction of autonomous vehicles, as they promise to deliver vast improvements in road safety, travel efficiency, and riding enjoyment.  But current use of self-driving technologies in industrial applications, such as farms and mines, suggests that true, fully autonomous vehicles might arrive first in places other than our roads.  While many of us might not realise it, the benefits of such use on farms would be equally – if not more – compelling for owners, operators, and yes, consumers.There are three basic reasons why self-driving technology innovation will impact crops as meaningfully as it does people:Reason #1: The need for increased productivity By 2050, there will be nine billion mouths to feed, and it’s projected that food production will need to increase by some 60% to meet this demand, yet the amount of land available to grow it will remain virtually unchanged. We cannot simply press more land ...