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Will SD-WAN Solve IoT’s Toughest Questions?

January 16, 2020 / Tobias Mann

IoT and SD-WAN might not sound like they belong together, but ask VMware’s VeloCloud or managed service provider Apcela and you might be surprised by what they have to say. The two companies see SD-WAN as the key to making large IoT deployments manageable at a human scale.Sanjay Uppal, who co-founded VeloCloud and now serves as the head of VMware’s SD-WAN division, said the expanding scope of SD-WAN has opened the door to several applications that the technology wouldn’t normally be associated with, and IoT is one of them. “You think of IoT, it’s not just IoT running on a cellular network or IoT running on Bluetooth, you could absolutely run IoT on your enterprise SD-WAN,” Uppal said in an earlier interview. “Just think of that IoT traffic as a new data type that you will steer across the WAN and you can add services to it as it is steered.”