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WNDUK installs 1,000 base stations in the UK for IoT services

November 13, 2018 / Juan Pedro Tomás

U.K. firm WNDUK has installed 1,000 base station for the provision of its IoT service in partnership with French IoT provider Sigfox. The U.K firm said that this infrastructure currently covers nearly 80 million people across the country. WNDUK is Sigfox’s sole network operator in the U.K, enabling deployment of IoT connectivity across the country, including the main population centers and key logistics hubs. “Our exclusive partnership with Sigfox underpins a significant boost in the quality and breadth of LPWAN IoT coverage across the UK,” said Tim Harris, CEO of WNDUK. “Our network has grown at an unprecedented rate since March. We will continue to enhance coverage and complete the network rollout in the coming months, with 2,000 base stations reaching 95% of the nation’s population,” he added.