TCL Electronics Seeks to Build "Smart Home Ecosystem" Pursuing "AI x IoT" Development Strategy with a Full Range of Products

TCL Electronics | January 07, 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 has kicked off in Las Vegas, USA. At the exhibition, TCL Electronics Holdings Co., Ltd. ("TCL Electronics" or "Company", 01070.HK), under the new theme of "Inspire Greatness", showcased the prototype of the world's thinnest 85-inch 8K Mini LED smart screen, a variety of new Mini LED smart screen models including the first 144Hz Mini LED gaming display, mobile devices, AR/XR smart glasses as well as a full range of smart home appliances. The Company aims to create a more convenient and comfortable "smart home ecosystem" for global consumers with technology-empowered products.

Mini LED Smart Screens cater to multi-scenario uses, meeting the trend of larger screens and consumption upgrade

According to Sigmaintell's predictions, sales of TVs larger than 80 inches are expected to rise sharply, and the average screen size in the global market will increase by 1.5 inches in 2022. Mini LED products have an edge of higher contrast and brightness, which becomes more pronounced as large displays become a trend, leaving tremendous room for future developments.

As a leading global consumer electronics company, TCL Electronics is committed to driving development with technological innovation, and has been a step ahead when it comes to Mini LED display technology. The Company showcased the first Mini LED backlit TV prototype back in CES 2018, while launching mass production of Mini LED smart screens in 2019, and since then has launched a number of new Mini LED smart screen models every year, which have been widely recognized by the industry and consumers around the world. Several Mini LED smart screens at this year's exhibition are industry-leading: the world's thinnest 85-inch 8K Mini LED smart screen prototype at just 3.9mm, with ultra-high contrast from over 2,000 local dimming zones and a super wide color gamut; and the 144Hz Mini LED gaming display that features over 1,000 local dimming zones, a refresh rate of 144 Hz and up to 120 FPS, bringing gamers the ultimately smooth and responsive gaming experiences.  

In the first three quarters of 2021, global sales volume of TCL Electronics' Mini LED smart screens increased by 116.0% year-on-year, with its market share in the PRC market ranking No.1. In addition, the TCL Mini LED 8K smart screens were awarded the "Best of Innovation" by CES 2022. Going forward, TCL Electronics will continue to focus on smart displays, meeting the needs for diverse applications and scenarios such as movie watching and e-sports. R&D investments in image quality, sound quality and motion smoothness will also be increased, aiming at producing more market-leading products and services.

Full Category "AI x IoT" Development Strategy Taps into Smart Home Market

In addition to Mini LED smart screens, TCL Electronics is also showcasing at CES 2022 a number of new AR/XR smart glasses and eye-protected education tablets, including TCL LEINIAO AR, TCL NXTWEAR AIR and TCL NXTPAPER 10s, and aiming at leading the synergistic development of full category of smart home appliances by leveraging TCL Electronics' global leading brand advantages and perfect overseas channel layout.

With the scientific advances and technological progress, the use of display technology has become more diversified, and AR/VR market is an important part of it. The Company is optimistic about the development prospect of AR/VR applications, and hence, launched its second-generation smart XR glasses of consumer-grade, TCL NXTWEAR AIR, that is lightweight and trendy at CES 2022. At only 75g, TCL NXTWEAR AIR is equipped with 1080p Micro OLED panel and BirdBath optical technology, providing users with a portable cinema experience, which is equivalent to watching a 140-inch screen, 4 meters away. In addition to 2D and 3D HD viewing, TCL NXTWEAR AIR can also be applied to diverse scenarios such as mobile games and remote offices where users can enjoy a greatly enhanced visual experience.

In addition, the industry's first binocular full-color Micro LED holographic waveguide AR smart glasses TCL LEINIAO AR were also revealed at CES 2022. Equipped with the first full-color micro display engine, the TCL LEINIAO AR is the first to achieve full-color display in the form of thin and light glass display, which will satisfy message notification, photo sharing, camera translation, intelligent control, multi-screen display, live translation, vehicle rear-view mirror and other features in the future.

In terms of mobile devices, TCL Electronics partnered with U.S. telecom giants T-Mobile and Verizon to launch two new TCL 30 series 5G smartphones, TCL 30 XE 5G and TCL 30 V 5G, respectively. Both devices feature large FHD+ AMOLED ultra-thin displays and the original NXTVISION display enhancement technology, bringing immersive visual enjoyment to users. In addition, TCL Electronics also announced several new products, including the TCL NXTPAPER 10s, a NXTPAPER eye-protected education tablet launched earlier in China, the thin and portable tablet TCL TAB 8 4G, and the TCL TKEE tablet designed for kids.

"TCL Electronics has been focusing on "Consumers First", aiming to provide quality products and user experience while connecting "Smart Home Ecosystem" for users with our "AI x IoT" strategy. Moving forward, the Company will treat the smart large screen as the foundation of the "Smart Home Ecosystem" and will continue to develop other new smart home categories and mobile devices to bring users a convenient, healthy and comfortable living."

Ms. Juan Du, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of TCL Electronics

About TCL Electronics
TCL Electronics Holdings Limited was listed on the mainboard of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in November 1999. The Company is mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of smart screen, smart mobile and connected device, smart commercial display, smart home products and other diversified IoT products, as well as independently developed home Internet services. TCL Electronics is the only diversified consumer electronics company within the industry in China with vertically integrated supply chain. Focusing on the smart display business, supported by 5G technology and "AI x IoT" strategy, TCL Electronics is committed to providing a smart and healthy life in households, mobile and commercial scenarios, and dedicated to becoming a global leading smart technology company. TCL Electronics is part of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect program and is included in the Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index, the Hang Seng Composite MidCap & SmallCap Index, and the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index. Every year since 2018, the Company has received an A rating for ESG from Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited. 


Ever-expanding complexities and IoT requirements at the edge of today’s WANs are leading organizations to use new tools and tactics beyond traditional hub-and-spoke architectures. Learn more about solutions to today's network security challenges.

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Goodix Pushes Boundaries in IoT Innovations with Next-Generation Sensing & Connectivity Solutions

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Today, Goodix Technology showcased its expanded product portfolio with major breakthroughs in sensing and connectivity solutions at the 2022 Goodix Tech Seminar in Shenzhen, China. Based on the company's strategic layout, Goodix continues to invest heavily in core technologies that drive innovation in IoT applications for a new era of smart connectivity. Two highlights of the seminar were the introduction of the new Bluetooth LE SoC and Time of Flight (ToF) solutions. Featured Innovation Accelerates the Connection of Everything In recent years, the major theme of new technological developments features heavily within the Internet of Things (IoT) field, which has caused widespread transformation within a wide array of industries. Recent data from IoT Analytics expected that the global number of connected IoT devices are to grow at a CAGR of 22% to 27 billion active endpoints by 2025, bringing huge market opportunities for smart wearables, smart home, and smart city connectivity applications. Leveraging years of innovation in low-power wireless technology, Goodix debuts its new-generation Bluetooth LE SoC GR5526 series featuring stronger display driving capability, lower power consumption and faster connection. The solution integrates a dedicated 2.5D GPU to improve graphics rendering efficiency, and supports over 30 FPS on a 454*454 resolution display screen, enabling a superior visual experience for wearable device users. An ultra-low power system architecture is adopted to reduce the power consumption during Bluetooth transmission by 30% compared with previous generation products. Compatible with the latest Bluetooth 5.3, the solution delivers excellent RF performance for a more stable and rapid connection. Goodix is dedicated to innovating Bluetooth LE technology with a new GR533x series targeted at the smart home, smart tag markets to be released soon. Additionally, Goodix's NB-IoT SoC solution that integrates an OpenCPU application system has been successfully applied to smart water meters in a joint cooperation with renowned industrial partners. Its innovative dual AP/CP core architecture not only improves the system stability and connection reliability, but also ensures ultra-low power consumption that can support the long battery-life of smart meters. Featuring high integration, ease of use, and competitive BoM cost, this solution will further extend Goodix's footprint in the broader IoT market. Aiming to build an open IoT ecosystem, Goodix will continue to work with industry partners, and support mainstream integrated development environment (IDE) with rich peripheral resources to help customers accelerate the time-to-market of different wireless applications. Creating a Smart Life with Diversified Sensing Applications With strong expertise in acoustics, optics, and electronic sensing technology, Goodix stands at the forefront of the advancing sophistication of IoT applications. During the seminar, Goodix demonstrated its Time of Flight (ToF) 3D sensing solution which integrates a ToF image sensor and a laser driver to enable high-precision depth measurement for various applications such as smartphones and robots. Utilizing a self-developed sparse to dense algorithm, the solution offers a 5-meter with error<1% high-precision ranging performance with low power consumption, facilitating smartphones to create a more accurate photo bokeh effect and a faster focusing capability at night. It also supports the functions of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and obstacle avoidance for intelligent navigation of sweeping robots with its combination solution of line-pattern and flood-pattern. The ToF sensor features several patented technologies to help smart devices achieve better ambient light suppression, anti-interference, and high dynamic range (HDR). Together with an extensive set of hardware and software, reference designs, algorithms, and SDKs, Goodix can deliver turn-key solutions to enable the wider applications of ToF technology such as drone aircraft obstacle avoidance and height measurement, as well as facial recognition, and automobile safety. In response to the strong growth of the wearable markets, Goodix has launched a rich solution portfolio of health sensors and VersaSensor (multi-functional interactive sensors) for smartwatches, bands, headphones, and VR/AR devices, and won large-scale commercial adoption by well-known global brands. As a step further, Goodix introduces its fingertip oximeter total solution that deploys the medical grade algorithms. Cooperating with related applications, it can provide effective health instructions and disease diagnosis & alerts for users at home. We have always emphasized the principle of growing together with customers. We have an unwavering focus on our core technologies of sensing, processing, connectivity, and security. And in these fields, we will continue to create powerful collaborations with industrial leaders and ecosystem partners. Our aim is to expand commercial implementations of these innovative technologies and to bring a more intelligent, and connected life for consumers around the world." Sandy Hu, President of Goodix.

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Lantronix Launches Application-Specific Industrial IoT Solutions Based on Its New G520 Series Cellular Gateways

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Lantronix Inc., a global provider of secure turnkey solutions for intelligent IT and Internet of Things (IoT), today announced its launch of application-specific industrial IoT solutions that address concerns in Industry 4.0, Security and Transport markets with its G520 Series Smart cellular IoT devices and services. Now available are the G520 Industrial, a competitive cellular industrial protocol converter router; and G520 Security, a high-speed LTE CAT13 and 5G communication router to reduce cybersecurity threats. G520 Transport will be launched later in 2022. The G520 industrial and security gateways offer a complete solution and comes pre-configured with Lantronix’s award-winning ConsoleFlow™ cloud-based device management, which increases operational efficiency by providing a single pane from which to manage remote assets. It also comes pre-configured for Lantronix Connectivity Services, which provide North American and global cellular data plans and VPN security with an easy-to-use cloud platform to manage SIMs and services. “In response to the rapidly growing Industrial IoT market, Lantronix delivers competitive solutions that address and solve the market’s challenges. Our offerings of software, hardware and connectivity services provide our customers with the proven integration and ease-of-use needed for success in today’s IoT-driven world.” Paul Pickle, CEO of Lantronix According to Berg Insight, global cellular IoT device shipments increased by 14 percent in 2020 to reach 302.7 million units and are forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.8 percent to reach 629.6 million units by 2025. Now available are: G520 Industrial, which is an industrial-grade competitive Protocol conversion router with LTE communication, multiple interfaces and Fieldbus protocol conversions (e.g., Modbus, DNP3 and IEC) that are provisioned in minutes using the ConsoleFlow platform. G520 Security, which supports high-speed LTE cat13 and 5G, reducing the possibility of cyberattacks with its dedicated quantum Security chip and Lantronix’s proprietary InfiniShield™ software suite while its small form factor and Power Over Ethernet function simplify deployment. Coming soon is: G520 Transport, which delivers the ultimate hybrid solution based on Lantronix’s 25 years of experience in telematics gateways and Wi-Fi mobile routing. With Wi-Fi on vehicle, location base, sensor enabled and CAN bus reading, G520 Transport is an easy-to-deploy and safely managed solution. About Lantronix Lantronix Inc. is a global provider of secure turnkey solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Remote Environment Management (REM), offering Software as a Service (SaaS), connectivity services, engineering services and intelligent hardware. Lantronix enables its customers to accelerate time to market and increase operational up-time and efficiency by providing reliable, secure and connected Intelligent Edge IoT and Remote Management Gateway solutions. Lantronix’s products and services dramatically simplify the creation, development, deployment and management of IoT and IT projects across Robotics, Automotive, Wearables, Video Conferencing, Industrial, Medical, Logistics, Smart Cities, Security, Retail, Branch Office, Server Room, and Datacenter applications.

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Telecommunications software leader Axiros is pleased to announce its newest release of AXESS 4.0. The company offers a wide variety of open device management software solutions for large broadband and telecommunications service providers through on-premise and cloud-based programs. The Axiros AXESS ACS (Auto Configuration Server) is an industry flagship software application used around the world by premier telecommunications and broadband service providers. It allows state of the art management of customer premises equipment (CPE) with Broadband Forum-compliant CWMP (TR-069), User Services Platform (USP) (TR-369) and other open management protocols. AXESS enables highly flexible and scalable interactions with a large number of devices, like configuration and reconfiguration, mass operations including firmware downloads, fault clearance and general real-time subscriber support. "The new architecture of our device management platform reinforces the technological leadership of Axiros in the area. It will introduce massive benefits to our installed base but also open new opportunities and markets for the future. It empowers our customers to overcome the most complex device management challenges. It is nothing less than the brain and nerve center for IoT ecosystems and telecom operational support systems (OSS). Built and designed for carrier-class use cases around business-, service-, network- and element management." Michael Meister, Product Owner AXESS This major release introduces the most significant improvements for AXESS in many years. It offers the following new features: Asynchronous architecture for various southbound and northbound use cases Support of cloud native approach by all components New concept to manage project configuration and customization New user interfaces for all administrative tasks Full USP support About Axiros Any Device. Any Protocol. Any Service. Any Time. We Manage All THINGS. Axiros is a global leader in IoT, M2M, TR-069 and device management, providing software solutions and platforms to service providers and equipment manufacturers worldwide to manage and IoT-ize devices. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Munich, Axiros has sales and service offices and development centers worldwide, so as needs change, Axiros will always be close by to deliver.

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Ever-expanding complexities and IoT requirements at the edge of today’s WANs are leading organizations to use new tools and tactics beyond traditional hub-and-spoke architectures. Learn more about solutions to today's network security challenges.