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DECK 7 is a digital marketing and media company that provides brand awareness and lead generation services worldwide. The DECK 7 team consists of over 300 marketing specialists, data science experts, and martech engineers that execute and orchestrate over 2,500 campaigns each year. DECK 7 provides performance-based marketing services by orchestrating multi-channel campaigns across email, display, search, social, web, and mobile. Agencies, publishers and aggregators that require lead acquisition at scale for their accounts and advertisers rely on DECK 7 to help fulfill these lead volumes. Marketers from small and mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 companies use DECK 7’s specialists to supplement their marketing teams and programs. D7D Media is DECK 7’s network of media properties across 16 industries that provides marketers with multiple options to target markets, reach audiences, and develop accounts across 120 countries.


If you think the Internet's busy now, just wait until next year. Gartner estimates there will be 6.4 billion connected devices in 2016, up 30 percent from this year. That means people will be adding 5.5 million new objects to the Internet of Things every day. Consumer devices will proliferate most, while the ones for enterprises bring in more money, Gartner said in its annual IoT report released Tuesday....

Looking to revive interest in Java as a platform for building applications that stretch from the enterprise to emerging Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Oracle has enhanced the embedded versions of Java while revealing that work has begun on a JDK 9 Project in the OpenJDK community.JDK 9 is a prototype of Java SE. New features being developed include Process API Updates to improve the control and management of operating system processes as well as Improve Contended Locking and Segmented Co...

GE and Siemens are battling each other with vastly different software strategies in a high-stakes land grab as factories quickly move their operations onto cloud-based Internet of Things platforms....


Everyone is enthusiastic about the flow of insight that will be unleashed by big data and the internet of things. CEOs look forward to new strategic and competitive insights. Sales and marketing managers can’t wait for the precision they’ll see in measuring where, when, and why new product or service rollouts are succeeding. Investors are seeing new opportunities, new ideas, and innovations by the dozen....

Sherlock, an Internet of Things (IoT), bicycle security startup based in Turin, Italy, has signed a deal with Orange Business Services to support its global business with IoT connectivity and a management portal over the next three years. Sherlock will use Orange embedded SIM cards in its invisible IoT anti-theft solution for bicycles, which is currently being rolled out in Europe and North America....


HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global IT services provider, continues to be recognized for its end–to–end Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, global leadership and comprehensive portfolio. Everest Group named ‘IoT WoRKSTM by HCL’ among leaders for IoT services in its recent report titled “Internet of Things Services – PEAK MatrixTM Assessment and Market Trends”....


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