August 16-17, 2018
Nairobi, Kenya
The Internet of Things and Big Data are transforming businesses almost eliminating the choice/customization trade-off and redefining sources of competitive advantage. The ROI for business could be more rewarding than some expect. A recent study has revealed that just in North American IoT-Enabled Connected Retail Market will reach US$53 billion by 2022. The Balance of power has shifted, once and for all, away from sellers and toward well informed, mobile, socially-connected consumers. Businesses that take the lead in this space stand to gain an important advantage in an already competitive environment. Early adopters will be positioned to more quickly deliver IoT-enabled capabilities that can increase revenue, reduce costs and drive a differentiated brand experience. To succeed in the digital era, businesses have to stretch their boundaries. This requires rethinking their business model, deciding how to transform into digital businesses and making the right technology investments to become digital leaders.