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Cities have evolved quite a lot over the years. From small, walled enclosures to sprawling metropolises containing millions of people, practically every aspect of living in a city has changed, especially in those areas where technological developments disrupted the old way of doing things- remember horse-drawn carriages? That type of evolution hasn’t stopped, and the internet of things is the new frontier of development in how cities are built and run. The concept of IoT is essentially that various devices (from the usual suspects like smartphones and cars to more mundane ones like refrigerators) are connected and able to share information with one another. Most times, the term also covers the autonomy of those devices to take specific actions when they receive pre-set trigger data. The revolutionization of cities is going to be a hotbed of business opportunity for those savvy enough to get in at the right place and time, especially with several governments beginning to express a clear intention to incorporate IoT tech into urban strategy. For instance, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, declared that “The Dubai Digital Certificates and the Dubai IoT Strategy mark the official launch of smart living in the Emirate and we have directed all government institutions to co-operate and fully implement the initiatives by the year 2021”, at the launch of a new government IoT program. REGAL INKS READ MORE