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Enthusiasm for the Internet of Things (IoT) is still running high, but there seems to be a growing undercurrent of concern that the challenges of supporting such an infrastructure are more significant than they first appeared and that even the benefits might not be entirely positive. None of this is enough to halt or even slow down deployment, of course, which is likely to see a dramatic upswing as we head into the new decade. But it does mean that the enterprise still has a few things to figure out on the IoT, particularly when it comes to many of its anticipated use cases. Security is certainly a perennial concern, but now that the IoT is up and running, it is starting to manifest itself in stark terms. According to a recent study by ReRex Research, a good quarter of enterprises are seeing security-related IoT losses of $34 million or greater. Protecting against these losses is a far more complicated matter than in the traditional data center or even the cloud. With literally millions of devices already connected, threat vectors have expanded exponentially, as has the challenge of integrating a federated security apparatus throughout the entire IoT data chain. Already, firms are reporting data breaches on the IoT at six times the rate of traditional infrastructure, including a 4.5-fold increase in malware and ransomware attacks. ARTHUR COLE READ MORE