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The FCC recently greenlit the opening of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) 3.5 GHz band for commercial use. Previously, the 3.5 GHz band had been the domain of DoD members, namely the U.S. Navy’s radar systems. The FCC’s move is opening exciting avenues for the development of private LTE networks and more through the FCC’s new three-tiered spectrum sharing license model. While the DoD and other incumbent users will retain priority access to the 3.5 GHz band, commercial network operators can now request Private Access Licenses (PALs) or the lower tiered General Authorized Access (GAA) to use the band in 10 MHz increments for ten-year terms. This is a major win for wireless carriers, who had been pushing the FCC to greenlight the CBRS band since the rules were set in 2015, in order to create interoperable 5G IoT networks. While some smaller wireless and industrial IoT providers pushed back on the move toward counties over census tract zones, wireless carriers are happy. And the word on the street is that the open CBRS band could fill a missing spectrum gap for IoT solutions providers working on use cases like indoor asset tracking. MICHAEL WEDD READ MORE