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What is the IoT edge?  Where is the IoT edge? I want to put a stake in the sand on my definition of this oft misunderstood term. Having just completed a podcast with Qualcomm discussing IoT edge computing (take a listen here), I was struck by our need to define the term “IoT edge” before we even started the discussion. Qualcomm is a key player in the edge computing ecosystem, and I’m an IoT analyst, consultant and pundit who spends lots of time talking about the IoT edge. If we have to come to an agreement on a common definition of the term and get common ground before we start a discussion, you know the industry still has a problem. At James Brehm & Associates, I work and follow key players in the “edge IoT market”, including Qualcomm, Dell, Cisco, HPE, Cradlepoint, Juniper Networks, Nokia, Ericsson, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and many others.  Between them, there is still a tremendous amount of confusion over the term “IoT edge”, and each of them is attacking the edge with a different approach. Each of these enterprises is looking towards future IoT networks (LTE CAT-NB1, LTE CAT-M1, 5G, LoRa, etc.) with the belief that edge computing is not only the key to IoT, but a way to derive new revenues from traditional networks and networking equipment. MIKE KRELL READ MORE