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The Internet of Things (IoT) keeps on advancing and expand as far as the number of organizations, items, and applications that represent exactly how helpful it is getting to interface our gadgets, machines, homes, and vehicles together. A few organizations like Nest have driven the way and are winding up like a renowned organization. Having said that, there are numerous IoT products and services which we are not even aware of and are creating wonders in our everyday lives. Let’ have a look at some of the amazing IoT products and services which are helping mankind to live an easy life. Deako is rapidly turning into a leading supplier of smart light switches, on account of delightful design, inventive engineering and costs that fall beneath their opposition. Their Bluetooth-powered smart switches make it simple for homeowners to move up to brilliant lighting, enabling clients to control any light in their home from a switch, cell phone or their voice. What’s more, the best part is that Deako’s brilliant light switches don’t require a different center point. PRIYA DIALANI READ MORE