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Crypto Quantique is quite literally redefining the concept of internet of things (IoT) security by . This UK company has developed the world’s first quantum-driven secure chip on silicon. The Crypto Quantique chip can be integrated as part of the development process or retrofitted into any connected device. “It has been developed using the most advanced techniques in cryptography and quantum physics, which means each chip is unique to every device and unclonable,” says company co-founder Shahram Mossayebi. Of course, he won’t say it is unhackable, but it’s certainly as near to it as anything can be. “Today, millions of devices are sent to facilities around the world to have secret keys ‘injected’ into them. Our product completely eliminates this huge cost and security overhead, and establishes a root of trust in a way that nothing else available today can,” explains Dr Mossayebi. Here’s the scientific bit: each chip can generate large numbers of unique and tamper-evident cryptographic keys by This eliminates that need for secure key storage on the device as the keys can be retrieved on demand. What’s more, this chip is meant to be foundational, so the problem of IoT security being a bolt-on for legacy products could become a thing of the past. “This kills the ‘feature function’ conversation in IoT security,” says Dr Mossayebi. DAVEY WINDER READ MORE