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It’s a mobile, cloud and IoT world. Whether it’s a workplace, a classroom or a dorm room, people are using a variety of devices beyond the usual phone and laptop combo—smart TVs, gaming consoles and fitness trackers, for starters. Offices, stores and manufacturing floors are outfitted with sensors that keep us safe, regulate the temperature, water the plants and run the production line. People use a broad variety of applications such as voice and video from their mobile devices. And expectations are at an all-time high. People will simply ditch digital services that don’t work. No one wants jittery presentations and dropped calls. The network experience must be flawless. The newest Wi-Fi—802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6 as it’s now called—delivers the capacity and reliability needed to deliver on these amazing experiences. This new standard has been positioned as ideal for “dense deployments” like large classrooms, malls and stadiums. That’s because 802.11ax increases throughput by 4X on average compared to 802.11ac. But the definition of a “dense deployment” is evolving. When each person has multiple devices and there are IoT devices everywhere, even a business with 25 or 50 employees can be a dense deployment. ARUBA READ MORE