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A recent consumer study from Arm and Northstar told us something that most of us already knew – technology is taking over our lives. Two-thirds of the respondents said that technology took on a bigger role in 2018. We want our smart technologies in our homes and we want to live in smart cities. But here’s an interesting point from that survey. While we like the conveniences that the Internet of Things (IoT) provides, we don’t trust them. Seven out of 10 want to see more effort put into improving IoT security. The popularity and the reliance on IoT has been trending upward for quite some time now, but despite the dire warnings and the raised awareness about targeted attacks, IoT security has flatlined. It doesn’t seem like the people who should take it seriously are doing so. Just the other day, I saw someone post a picture on social media of an ATM that was booting up through Windows XP. The commentary was along the lines of “oh, this looks secure!” READ MORE