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New technology is a vital tool for the enterprise, but its real value stems from what it can do for you, not what it’s made of. This holds true for the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), which comprises a long list of some the most advanced technologies ever created. In the end, however, it is the applications that will make or break the IoT, not the sensors or analytics or even the artificial intelligence. So in that vein, it’s probably worth our while to see what kinds of applications are already up and running and what is likely to emerge in the future. Already, the IoT is having a major impact on industries ranging from finance and health care to manufacturing and transportation. Among the services that edureka.co has compiled are such well-known tools as intelligent traffic cams and stop lights that will one day support the smart city with improved traffic management and service delivery. As well, new wearable applications like glucose monitors and heart-rate devices should improve our health and, perhaps, even lower our health insurance premiums. ARTHUR COLE READ MORE