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For Christmas this year, I got (another) Wemo smart switch for my home.  I was excited, as it's something I wanted.  Within hours of receiving it, I had it installed and up and running.  With the exception of a firmware update (which I did today via the app), everything went pretty smoothly. Then I googled "Wemo Hack" and was a little dismayed by what I found.  Clearly there are a lot of issues with these devices.  It seems like every couple years there is a spate of articles written about them and how people hacked them to some degree of nefarious purpose.  And this is just one brand.  Thing even bigger about the rest of the brands on the market and it's clear that the attack frontier is plenty broad. I'm a reasonably tech-savvy consumer.  I understand SQL and programming.  I have a general understanding of networking.  This means I'm considerably more knowledgeable than the average consumer.  However, as I started to dig into the various different hacks that had been published regarding these devices, it exceeded my level of sophistication.  I couldn’t understand to the extent necessary to replicate the hacks. DENNIS STEVENSON READ MORE